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   Hair Kingdom

       Where you're always treated like ROYALTY


All prices are based on our level system.  The more experienced a stylist is, the higher the cost of their service.

Hair Cuts and Styles

Woman $25.00 and up

Men $18.00 and up

Children (under 13) $12.00 and up

Buzz cuts $12.00 and up

Wash and Blow Dry $18.00 and up

Color Services

(prices include haircut and styling)

Balayage/Ombre starting at $150

Partial Balayage/Ombre starting at $135

Color $83.00 and up

Cap Highlighting $73.00 and up

Partial Foiling $78.00 and up

Full Foiling $105.00 and up

Multi-Dimensional coloring $100.00 and up

Clear Glaze $53.00

Color Correction starting at $170.00

Texture Waves

(prices include haircut and styling)

Traditional $80.00 and up

Spiral $95.00 and up

Texture $80.00 and up

Partial $65.00 and up


Eye brow waxing $12.00 and up

Lip waxing $12.00 and up

Brow/Lip/Chin $20.00 and up


Full Updo $55.00 and up

Partial Updo $45.00 and up

Deep Conditioning $15.00

Iron Work $23.00 and up 

We are associated with Children with Hair Loss (CWHL) and will donate your hair for free. Hair must be at least 6 inches long to turn in!